The Crew Members

This is the place to meet the people behind scenes.

Thom - Mike's best friend from the high school days. We can whip him, beat him, drag him behind the car and he stays forever faithful to the team! When Mike needs help rebuilding the motor in a short time is Thom who drives over an hour to sweat, bleed and yes.....even cry over the car. However it is also Thom who makes us stop during the middle of the night to find a hospital because he has thrown his back out and it is also Thom that makes Mike run with a pan of water when his motorhome catches on fire!! Ha! Truely Thom is the greatest. He is always there to catch us when we fall. When we become frustrated with buying new parts, or become just too exhausted to continue going at a lightning pace; Thom is quick to offer words of wisdom or jokes to make us laugh! He is what we refer to as "family"! We love ya Thom! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Nathan- Well Nathan would be the guy who got thrown into the middle of doing everything. He is quite the handyman! He was shown what to do and the very next race, he HAD to do pretty much everything to get Mike down the track because Thom had injured himself in an unrelated nonrace incident. The young addition to the race team, he brings spunk and energy to all of us. He is always smiling and excited to start the race weekend. He is actually one of the most polite people we know, yet don't let him fool you, he can party just like the rest of us! Nathan was kind enough to include us all in his recent proposal to his wonderful fiancee' which occurred on the racetrack at Mokan in front of a huge crowd. It was an awesome sight!!! Nathan has been an extraordinary addition to our team! We love him dearly and don't know what we did without him before. Oh, I almost forgot, Nathan is also the brunt of most of Mike's jokes! If anything ever goes wrong on a weekend of racing, we all know "IT WAS NATHAN'S FAULT!"

Heather - You have to meet this girl if you come to one of our races! She is a doll! Heather is Nathan's wife now. She was totally blown away when he surprised her with a marriage proposal on the starting line at Mokan. She had thought she had won a free t-shirt and went to retrieve it.....boy was she shocked!!! They make the most awesome couple! Heather is so full of adrenalin when Mike races, she wishes he could make about 20 passes a day! She lives for the moment of his astonishing burnouts and the crowd cheering! Heather is also Shelly's shoe shopping partner. We can't go out of town without stopping at some shopping mall to find a new pair of shoes!!! Her big responsibility is helping Shelly pack the parachutes! Once again, we are focusing on making Mike safe! Thank you Heather for being you. You have been angel sent! We love you!